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Madlabs Disposable


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Madlabs Disposable

madlabs disposable Lightweight yet robust, built with an excessive attention to every detail and tested for relentless durability.

  • Precision-Engineered Dual Ceramic Core Heating Element. A multi-channeled airflow design that prevents oil leakage by capturing it in the inner chambers.
  • High-End Designed Metal Cap. Integrated patented leak-proof, anti-clog design to ensure hassle-free performance.
  • Built To Medical Device Standards. Stainless steel center-tube that is highly resistant to rust as well as heat.
  • Uniquely Designed Airflow System. Provides unrivaled airflow with high THC levels cannabis oil and biconical terpenes.

Driven by Science, Passion, and Long-Term Experience.

Our proprietary formula has been perfected using hydrocarbon extraction. The process results in clean, terpene-rich, high-quality products that provide the full potential of the plant’s medicinal value. Our licensed operations are built on a foundation of compassion, developed from the onset of California’s earliest medical cannabis regulations.

Mad Labs Carts

From the very beginning, we have built our brand for visionaries. With our official virtual store launch, we are now providing our consumers accessibility from the comfort of their home to an immersive 360 degree live experience, up close and personal with each one of our products. Our virtual store will have virtual guest appearances to guide you as your budtenders.

Disposables Liquified Diamonds

A true all Immersive Shopping Experience.
Shop anywhere, anytime.

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