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Turn Botanica Blends Podpak Podpen Indica Carts


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Turn Botanica Blends Podpak Podpen Hybrid Carts

Single-source high potency oil infused with natural botanicals. What does that mean? Like the process essential oils go through, cannabis distillation removes anything that impacts high potency, purity, and taste volatility. We turn up the heat to remove unwanted flavors, aromas, and all other impurities.

Experience the premium quality of Turn Disposable Vapes and indulge in a flavorful vaping journey like no other. It’s time to turn up the enjoyment and satisfaction with Turn Disposable Vapes.

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neon nectar, havana colada, pb & j, mango guava OG, gelato paradiso, powdered donuts, berry dreamy, watermelon sugar high, granddaddy purp, kiwi spiked punch, white gummy bear, cherry vanilla kush, peaches n cream, dragon fruit açaí


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